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Productos Nutricionales de la Rosa S.C. de R.L. de C.V. is a small company born form the mind of a entrepenuer business woman searching to generate a small business to improve her life and her comunity. With that in mind, she forms a cooperative focused in generating food products trough which she started the production of mole and granola since the year 2005.

Our ideal is that with our select raw materials, we elaborate nutritious food products of the most high quality, as is the Almond flavored Mole and Granola in our different varieties which are prepared following high hygienic standards and are sold to big markets, consolidating a profitable business, benefiting a group of women of the city of San Felipe del Progreso, in the state of Mexico.

Not only the rural indigenous community of the state of Mexico is benefited with this, this company benefits producers of pepper, sesame seeds, nuts, honey between others product producers of different regions of the state of Mexico and the Mexican republic.